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  "Pastor Garry's Fire Tricks"~Annual Church Family Campout (July 27, 2013)

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"Pastor Garry's Fire Tricks"

Annual Church Campout (July 27, 2013)

Once again Pastor Garry entertained everyone with his "fire tricks". They included the magical pipe that makes colors in the fire, the magical pop can that shoots sparkling flames, the magical tube that shoots flames out the end, and the magical styrofoam cup that does not burn in the fire. He also passed sparklers aroung for the kids of all ages.The magical pipe did not make colors that were as good as last night, however, the magical tube worked really well tonight. The magical styrofoam cup lasted as long as I have ever seen it last, until the water boiled out. The pop can with the sparkling flames did not work as well as last night, however, it still scared a couple of the younger kids. They calmed down and Pastor Garry became their hero once again when he passed sparklers around to all the kids. The sparklers even brought the kid out in a couple of the adults.