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Jimmy Swogger & Friends Concert (April 12, 2015)

The following flash movie may take awhile to load. Refresh the page after waiting a minute and the video should start. If it stops, you may need to refresh the page again. Once it has completely downloaded it will loop until you close the page. Also please be sure the volume is loud enough to hear. {Another suggestion: Right click anywhere on the video for more controls, click play (to uncheck play/pause), wait a minute & click play again.}

I have divided the concert into 5 parts because I am only able to make a 17:45 Flash Video.

When the video starts looping, please click the next "Yellow Video Button" under the * to continue with the concert.
(* Is the part you are currently watching.)
  1.  * Pastor Garry Bates introduces Jimmy Swogger & Friends and opens with prayer, Pastor Jimmy Swogger begins the concert with some inspirational music and Karl that lovable frog Kermit’s cousin...
  2.  Pastor Jimmy & Karl that lovable frog Kermit’s cousin sing "It's Not Easy Being Green" and the Etta James love song "At Last"  for Miss Piggy who is in NYC; Bobby a feisty young astronaut wants to go to outer space to see what God looks like, Pastor Jimmy & Bobby sing the Bill Gaither song "It's A Miracle"  and do some math problems.
  3.  Walter… a grumpy, opinionated old man; Sparkie a very lively animated Dragon and The Amazing Rope Trick.
  4.  Sparkie a very lively animated Dragon does magic and makes some cold hard cash, Jesus can add color to the story of our life which begins as a blank page in the Bible, Pastor Jimmy draws "Art" who comes to life and begins to talk, and Pastor Jimmy sings "I'll Be Home for Christmas".
  5.  Pastor Jimmy does a Jimmy Stewart Impersonation and closes with the invitational hymn "Give Me Jesus".

The following flash movie requires Flash Player; if you do not have it click here for the free download http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/



Jimmy Swogger & Friends

Ventriloquy and entertaining have always been a passion for Jimmy. When he met his first friend Bobby they knew they were made to entertain together. With the addition of some other friends Jimmy has embarked to bring smiles to the masses in a clean and friendly manner.

At the tender young age of 7 Jimmy saw his first ventriloquist ever. From that moment on his life would never be the same. Shortly after that Jimmy saw a ventriloquist figure in the J.C. Penney Christmas catalog and begged his grandmother for one… That Christmas Bobby arrived. He began entertaining for family friends, then in his church, eventually banquets and weekend concerts.

Before entering full-time ministry, Jimmy traveled extensively in the gospel concert ministry. He has done numerous television and radio appearances. He has been the National Anthem Singer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball teams also the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Now Jimmy’s talents has let him share from churches, college campuses, stadiums, The White House, campaign trail and county fairs.

Jimmy’s music has enabled him to work across the United States and in foreign countries. He has performed and worked with many Presidents and First ladies and former Presidents, Super Bowl quarterbacks and celebrities and has worked with many national organizations. He has opened for groups like The Martins, The Keelings, Gordon Mote, Mark Lowry and Ray Boltz and others. In addition to his music, Jimmy is an accomplished ventriloquist.

Combining music and ventriloquism Jimmy takes the stage, with plenty of help from his entourage of characters!! There is Bobby a feisty young man, who knows how to push Jimmy’s buttons… he has been with Jimmy since the beginning… when Jimmy began doing ventriloquism at age 12. Then there’s the very popular Walter… a grumpy, opinionated old man!! And Karl that lovable frog Kermit’s cousin… Sparkie a very lively animated Dragon… The very talented Louis Armstrong and boy!! Can he play a trumpet!! Benny who spends most of his time managing his restaurant. “Saul” who reminds you of a very famous uncle on Duck Dynasty… Little Jeff… a very…?? Let’s say…ornery young man…. And the Classic Charlie McCarthy.

Jimmy’s cast of characters are anything but dummies, they have taken on lives of their own. Each one has their own loyal fans!!!

Jimmy Swogger is presently the Lead Pastor of the Oakland Church of God. Oakland is a growing church located in Distant, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy is very experienced, and in demand for speaking and music events. Each year he speaks at numerous revivals and camp meetings, retreats, and ministers gatherings nationally. He is a concert artist, ventriloquist, motivational speaker, and a professional life coach.

“Jimmy and Friends” are looking forward to coming to a stage near you!

Visit the official site of the ventriloquist and concert artist Jimmy Swogger. Tour dates, official merchandise, videos, and more! For more info, please visit:




(814) 598-0636