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"I'll Not Turn Back" ~ Bob Shollenberger, Ricky Barger, Joe Frank, Jonathan Spencer, & Steve Anderton (April 29, 2018)  

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I'll Not Turn Back

I'm ready to leave this world of sorrow
I'll not turn back to a sinful land
I'm going where there's no tomorrow
I'll live for ere in Beulah Land


No I won't turn back (I’ll not turn back) from the land of promise
(the beautiful land) I'm going home (I’m going home)
Where I belong (where I belong)
Behold the Lamb (behold the lamb) the one that's sinless
(the sinless one) I'll not turn back (I’ll not turn back)
I'm too near home (my heavenly home)


I'm ready to leave forever and ever
There'll be no trace of sin and strife
I'll never stray from my new found treasure
I'll rest in the shade of
(I'll rest in the shade) of the tree of life

(Refrain 3X)