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 First Church of God, Greenville, PA now has a new website.

Click the above button to find the new Home Page.

We will keep http://www.thelighthouseonthehill.org/ long enough to notify all of the new website and web address https://www.fcogg.org/ .

If you are using Google Chrome and want to hear The Suggested MIDI Hymn, Click the "MIDI" link for the hymn you want to hear.
If your are using Internet Explorer, I believe it will ask if you want to save the "MIDI" file. Once saved, you can click the "open" button.
Suggestion: Minimize this page when done to continue hearing the hymn....Come back to this page when you want to pick another hymn...  
Amazing Grace
The Old Rugged Cross
(The MIDI Hymns above need to be exited before playing the following.) 
Use the following WAV / MP3 player to hear: 
How Great Thou Art - George Beverly Shea (God Bless America Version)
Performed @ Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y. in 2002

To See Several Pictures of Christ, Please Click:

Sallman images copyrighted © 1941 Warner Press, Inc., Anderson, IN. Used with Permission.

Greg Olsen images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.GregOlsen.com

Simon Dewey images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.altusfineart.com

Del Parson images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.DelParson.com

On the bottom of the page with the paintings you will see:

(On that page press to see the paintings. The default speed is 3 seconds; use dropdown to choose a different speed or use and click to advance to next painting at your own pace. I like to look at the paintings at my own pace with the music softly playing and really take the time to look at each painting.

Suggested Embedded YouTube Videos or Flash Movies

The I Can Only Imagine Movie (Flash Movie)
MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session - Official Music Video) (YouTube)
Interview with God (YouTube)
Original Interview With God Movie (Flash Movie)
Interview With God - www.InterviewWithGodSite.com (YouTube)
Psalms 23   (Flash Movie)
The Lord's Prayer   (Flash Movie)
 "I Can Only Imagine" ~ MercyMe (March 6, 2015) 
Rock & Worship Roadshow, Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Taped by David Shannon & Used with Permission
David Konstantopoulos Concert (November 8, 2015)
Jimmy Swogger & Friends Concert (April 12, 2015)
David Konstantopoulos Concert (December 8, 2013)