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First Church of God, Greenville, PA now has a new website.

New Links Page. Coming Soon

We will keep http://www.thelighthouseonthehill.org/ long enough to notify

all of the new website and web address https://www.fcogg.org/ .

Let us know what you think. Send your comments or questions to:




Church of God Headquarters, Anderson, IN : http://www.chog.org/ (Old Logo / Link - no longer works)

 : http://www.jesusisthesubject.org/  (New Logo / Link)

What does the logo mean?



April 17–18 Mountain Park Community Church • Phoenix, Arizona
April 24–25 Crossings Community Church • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 19–20 First Church of God • Columbus, Ohio
September 18–19 Fairfax Community Church • Fairfax, Virginia
September 25–26 Bayside Community Church • Safety Harbor, Florida

 2017 Biennial Church of God Convention

Hosted by Central Community Church

WICHITA, KANSAS • JUNE 20–23, 2017

  Whitehall Camp, Emlenton, PA:  http://whitehallcamp.org/

From the streets of Brooklyn to the halls of a university, from the pew to the pulpit, the Church of God has been a central theme in Michael Thigpen's story:

 Camp Meeting 2017 Booklet (PDF)

(The above PDF page may take a little longer to load.)

Upcoming Camp Meeting dates:

July 20-28, 2019

Evangelist: Rev. Ken Love

Camp Meeting will start the 3rd Saturday of July each year.

  Emlenton, PA: http://www.wpamin.com/

 : http://www.anderson.edu/

 Anderson, IN: http://www.warnerpress.org/

Head of Christ, Warner Sallman (1892-1968)

Sallman images copyrighted © 1941 Warner Press, Inc., Anderson, IN. Used with Permission.

In 1941, Warner Sallman painted his famous Head of Christ . By that time, he had attracted the attention of Anthony Kriebel and Fred Bates, originally employees of the Gospel Trumpet Company. The two established a separate company in 1941 to become the exclusive publishers of Sallman’s art. As a result the Gospel Trumpet Company — later Warner Press — became the principal distributor of Sallman’s images. When Kriebel and Bates’ company folded, Anderson University and Warner Press took ownership of the collection. As it stands, the university owns the pieces while Warner Press owns the copyrights to Sallman’s work in the university’s hands.

To See More Pictures of Christ, Please Click Yellow Button:

Sallman images copyrighted © 1941 Warner Press, Inc., Anderson, IN. Used with Permission.

Greg Olsen images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.GregOlsen.com

Simon Dewey images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.altusfineart.com

Del Parson images copyrighted © | Used with Permission | www.DelParson.com

On the bottom of the page with the paintings you will see: 

(On that page press to see the paintings. The default speed is 3 seconds; use dropdown to choose a different speed or use and click to advance to next painting at your own pace. I like to look at the paintings at my own pace with the music softly playing and really take the time to look at each painting. I don't believe the music will play on Google Chrome; however it will play on Internet Explorer. If the Hymn isn't playing on your web browser click the "MIDI" link .)

 Sallman prints online store : Warner Sallman Art

: http://www.warnersallman.com/collection/history/

Warner Southern, Lake Wales, FL: http://www.warner.edu/

: http://www.warnerpacific.edu/

: http://www.macu.edu/


Margi Harrell inspirational scrolling cards with music.

: http://www.passionup.com/mp/index/inspirational.htm

Now That's God: http://www.passionup.com/love-poems/poetry10000.htm

"The World's Most Popular Poetry eGreeting Site"

:On My Father's Side by the Barn Again Gang

: http://www.klove.com/listen/player.aspx

: http://www.thefishatlanta.com/

: http://rampscomputerrepair.com/

: http://www.ciancismotel.com/

: 35 Years of Sight & Sound in Pictures


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